Privacy Policy

At we know the importance of privacy of you/the user. Therefore Hindi Tech Online doews not distribute or sell personal information of its uers.This privacy document will tell you what types of information will tell you what type of information are collected on Hindi Tech Online, how they are used and what your right are.

What We Collect and Record

Like other website, some information transmitted by your browser is also collected automatically on Hindi Tech Online.

These information are collected from each user visiting Hindi Tech online. These information include IP(s) (Internet Protocol)address, ISPs(Internet Service Provider),Devices,Operating Systems,Date and Time,Browser(its type and version) related information,visting and exit page,Demographic information etc.

These information are used to make Hindi Tech Online more useful for development and users(ie you).Your personal information(Your Name,address,date of birth etc.) is not collected in these information.

When you comment on our site contact through contact form fill our email newsletter form or send mail to our email address. So at that time you send us your name,email address,mobile number,website/blog name.

In addition, the addition information you send about yourself.We do not demand that from you. Therefore, you should not send any information about yourself other than the inforamation sought.Until you ask for any additional information.If you do this then you will be responsible for it yourself.

How to Use This Information

Information provided by you through our Contact Form, Comment, Email Subscription Form and Email, We use them to contact you. And from time to time, you send us information about update that occur in Hindi Tech Online.

We do not share this information with anyone else. So you can feel free to contact us. And whenever you want,you can ask for a copy of your information and get it deleted too.


Where is the site being preferred by the user while visiting. What type of notification is he accessing. Cookies are used to collect information. Apart from this,Webmaster also use them to personalize and customize webpage available on the site according to the user. Their most important use is to increase the user experience of the site.

Google can use cookies in your browser to improve search result and advertisements while visting the site later.Therefore to control your privacy setting on Google you must read google Privacy Policies.

Comment Policy

Comment(s)is a better way to remove doubts related to a particular topic/topics published on the site. Therefore, like other website/blogs we also welcome the comment.

And on every comment made by you (user),our comment policy applies. Therefore, you must read our comment policy before commenting.


If you Need any Additional information related to the privacy-policy of, or have any question/information for us feel free to contact Hindi Tech Online.

Last Update : 20-12-2019